Chakra Aerial Yoga is a unique technique, which uses a low-­‐hanging fabric to support the weight of the body. with the weight of the body supported, you can learn how to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation, rather than effort, enhancing a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Chakra Aerial Yoga will enhance other sporting activities and your traditional Yoga practice in numerous ways:

• Challenging traditional Yoga postures, such as inversions and deep backbends, can be achieved without effort an Publish Changes d without strain with the use of the Chakra Aerial Yoga fabric.

• It lengthens muscles, increases flexibility and decompresses the spine, and it’s great fun!

• Deep muscle releases achieved in the air will allow you to explore much deeper openings within the body, releasing trauma and blocked energy that may be held on an emotional level. Therefore a deeper, more somatic healing can occur.

• Common injuries caused by overstretching the shoulders and compression in the lower back are addressed through exercises that strengthen shoulders without compromising flexibility, and by strengthening core abdominal muscles without compression of the spine.


• Decompression of joints.
• Relieving pressure while aligning the vertebrae of the spine, without strain.
• Increased overall agility, strength and flexibility.
• Improved balance.
• Strengthens your core.
• Increases self-­‐confidence, from conquering basic fears and mastering new elements.
• Sense of achievement.
• Learn new skills.
• Unique and fun experience, which will bring a smile to everyone’s face.